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Jog.co.uk is a UK Web Directory that lists and categorises popular websites.

Jog attempts to build a collection of top websites (organising them into sensible categories) in order to make it easy for people to find useful sites for popular subjects.

At the moment we've categorised several thousand websites - and will keep adding new websites and new categoriess as quickly as we can.

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We would really appreciate any feedback that you may have in order to help us to improve Jog - both things you like and things that you don't like.

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When would I use Jog?

Use Jog.co.uk when you want to find the top sites for popular topics - e.g. Banks, Dishwashers, Flights, etc.

If you're searching for something very specific (e.g. an instruction manual for a model plane you're building, or holiday reviews on a specific resort) use a Search Engine instead.

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